Who Are We?

Here at the MotorGuy we want to help you to look after your vehicle, be that a truck, modern car or classic car. 

We decided to set up TheMotorGuy to publish up-to-date, helpful troubleshooting information for fellow motoring enthusiasts and amateur mechanics alike.Our aim is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to care for your vehicle, and to help you to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. 

We regularly publish up to date, well researched articles that provide relevant, easy to follow instructions on a vast array of common vehicle problems.

Our troubleshooting articles are written by a highly experienced team, including former mechanics, mechanical engineers and even software developers. 

How We Aim To Help You

  • We provide detailed, step by step instructions for troubleshooting common motoring topics, such as engine performance issues, worn suspension parts and symptoms, check engine light error codes and routine service advice.
  • We contribute advice for detailing enthusiasts, including product reviews and recommendations along with detailing tips and techniques 
  • Along with troubleshooting common vehicle problems, we also explain how the various vehicle systems and components work, so you can understand how they have failed.
  • We provide impartial product reviews for those products that we see as essential when it comes to vehicle maintenance and some that can improve your vehicle. We only publish product reviews a few times a year, and prefer to publish helpful, informative content that can inform and educate our readers.
  • By learning from us, we hope that you can acquire a new skill, understand what it is a mechanic does when your car is being repaired, save some money on the repair and maybe have a go at fixing it yourself.

"Our mission is to teach you how to fix, maintain and upgrade your  car"

How we review products

When it comes to reviewing products, we only choose those products that we would actually buy ourselves. 

In the interest of honesty and full transparency, unlike other sites that claim they try every product, we don’t try to fool our readers. We don’t purchase and use every product that we recommend, that would be impossible with such a small team. 

Instead, we collate our reviews through a combination of actual usage, other customer reviews (such as Amazon reviews), and the reputation of the product manufacturer. 

When it comes to choosing which products to review, we do the research for you, and try to put together the best examples we can find. Many of our ‘round up review’ articles are there to provide you with a starting point in your product search, with links to Amazon and product manufacturer websites along with a summary of the product highlights and our opinion of the product. 

Affiliate Disclosure

We don’t receive free products, or any compensation for providing good reviews. We are a member of the Amazon Associates program, so if you happen to click on one of our links and buy a product, then we receive a small (very small) commission. You can find out more here.

Onsite Advertisements

To help pay the bills, we have partnered with Mediavine to display unobtrusive, relevant adverts across the site. 

Social Media

We sometimes provide links to our articles, and other car related stuff that we think is interesting across our social media channels. Check us out on Pintrest and Facebook to find out more.

Get in touch and Say Hi!

Thanks for dropping by and if you have any questions, criticisms or suggestions please get in touch via our contact page.

I'm Ed, co-founder and regular contributor here at the Motorguy.

I'm an information systems graduate and all round petrol head.

I'm also a keen motorsports fan, and avid proponent of electric cars.

My area of expertise is vehicle software systems. I love pulling apart engine management systems, re-programming and tweaking them while troubleshooting error codes and enhancing performance.

I love to hear from our readers, so please don't be afraid to submit your feedback and suggestions!

Ed - Co-Founder, Contributor

Hey, I'm Matt, co-founder of themotorguy.com

I've been a car fanatic all of my life. As a youngster, I loved nothing more than taking things apart and rebuilding them. I would also spend my weekends helping my dad with all sorts of car maintenance jobs.
For the past decade I've been a keen amateur mechanic with a love of classic BMW's. Over the years I've learned lots about car maintenance, car detailing and troubleshooting common engine problems.
It's my goal to share my knowledge with fellow amateur car fanatics around the world, and to help people to diagnose and fix their own cars.
If you have any questions please contact me, I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

Matt  Co- Founder, Editor