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Here at The Motor Guy we try to provide honest, helpful troubleshooting information that can help you to understand any issues you may be having with your car or truck. But sometimes, you will need more in-depth information that is specific to your vehicle. 

This is when chatting directly to a qualified, experienced mechanic online is what you need. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Getting Help From An Online Mechanic?

Vehicles are becoming more and more complicated, especially newer models that are more fuel efficient or those that combine hybrid technology with petrol and diesel engines.

It can be very difficult to find reliable, in-depth repair procedures for some vehicles. If you find yourself in trouble, sometimes the only option is to bring your car to a dealership or specialised mechanic.

But that’s not what we’re all about here at The Motor Guy. We like the satisfaction of fixing our cars and trucks ourselves. Repairing something yourself not only saves you lots of money, but you also get to learn a new skill in the process!

Online mechanics give you instant access to a wealth of knowledge that they have built up through years of practical experience.

When you talk directly to a mechanic online they can give you real solutions to specific error codes, provide you with vehicle specific repair procedures and also help you decipher complicated wiring diagrams that are specific to your vehicle.

What are the benefits of contacting an online mechanic at


Get Answers Fast

Access to a certified mechanic in minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get The Right Answers

Get a step by step solution to your problem, with detailed information that is specific to your vehicle.

Many Ways To Chat

Chat to a mechanic by email, text or phone, whatever is most convenient for you.

Get Vehicle Specific Answers

Where appropriate you can also get access to manufacturer specific information such as wiring diagrams and vehicle specific repair procedures.

What Are The Advantages Of Using An Online Mechanic?

If you like repairing your car yourself, or you are planning on getting your car repaired by a traditional mechanic, then learning from a qualified mechanic online may be a good first step.

There are lots of great resources online when it comes to auto repair. There are forums, automotive troubleshooting websites and electronic repair manuals. 

However, none of these options can give you a tailored solution to your problem as well as a real live person can! 

Most online mechanics such as those at JustAnswer Mechanics, have years of experience under their belt and many have also worked for dealerships and have completed training given by actual vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes.

This makes them a much better option if you need detailed repair advice, troubleshooting help or an explanation of an upcoming repair job in your local mechanics shop. They can give you a trusted second opinion for a small fee, saving you time and money whilst giving you peace of mind.

Why choose an online mechanic?

  1. Save time and money by getting a fast, accurate answer to your problem
  2. Get a second opinion on a problem before you pay a mechanic to do the job for you.
  3. Receive detailed, step by step instructions on how to troubleshoot the problem, and how to carry out the repair yourself.
  4. Get peace of mind that the mechanic you are getting advice from is a trained professional that has genuine practical experience with big car manufacturers such as General Motors, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Ford and Mercedes.

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